Ever Wondered Why We Love Sharing Memes So Much? We Have The Answers

by | October 29, 2021, 17:32 IST


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Our generation takes pride in coming up with meme culture! Sharing memes has now become a way to not just express our emotions but also keep in touch with friends. The great thing about memes is that there's something for every situation. Stressed at work? There’s a meme on that. Got cheated on? A relatable meme can help you smile. Dealing with inner turmoil? A meme can help you feel like you’re not alone.

Have you ever wondered why memes have become our default mode of communication? Here are some reasons: 

They Help Build A Community
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What happens when you have a group of people to send terrifyingly relatable memes to? You build a community! A community where you get a chance to express your deepest and darkest feelings without the fear of being judged. You're provided with a safe space. It’s very true that sometimes a meme can better sum up our feelings and experiences than we can.

You can share memes on painful situations and that can help you feel better because of the support and understanding you receive from your trusted circle. They too get to share and communicate their intense love and care for you.

They Help Deal With Heavy Issues

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In case we don’t find a community, we can help ourselves too. It’s always said that you must face your problems to deal with them, but we all know it’s easier said than done. However, when you add a bit of humour to the situation, when you can laugh at it, it becomes slightly easier to deal with. Facing your problems can feel less uncomfortable with the help of relatable memes and it can prepare you in dealing with your problems too.

Makes It Easier To Understand Emotions
You’re Having Fun
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Our parents often wonder why we can't just talk instead of sharing memes. Sometimes it's just easier to show someone a picture a say, "this is how I feel today". They might understand, they might say they feel the same way. What's more comforting than that?

They're Fun
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Memes can help us relax and find a community. But, most often, memes are just for fun and laughs. To some, it might not help in healing and that’s okay. At least they can make you laugh! And, right now, that is sometimes more than enough.

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