Make Your Own Unusual Wedding Favours

by | October 18, 2021, 18:22 IST

Let the festival of lights inspire you for the wedding favours you’d like to gift your guests. Candles are pretty and make a lovely gift and the guests will remember you with every waft of fragrance from the candles and when they shine bright. Let us lead you through how to make them, and how to customise them.


How To Make The Candles

You will need small glass candle bowls (in which you want to keep the candle), long candle wicks, candle wax (you get this in art and craft stores, or you can melt your regular candles), food colours or non-toxic wax crayons, fragrant essential oils of choice, sticks to hold the wicks upright, a saucepan or a low pot and a glass container to heat the wax in.


Take a glass bowl and place the wick at the base holding it upright with the sticks. Tie it to the stick or use a cello tape to keep it from falling in. Balance the stick across the bowl.

Take the candle wax or candles in the glass container. Keep this in the pan or pot which has half-filled water. Ensure that the water can’t get into the glass container. Using a double-broiler method, melt the wax. You can add the food colours or the non-toxic wax crayons to give the colour of your choice. If you’re using crayons, ensure you remove the wrapped paper on it completely. Add a couple of drops of the fragrant essential oils to this.

Once it is boiling hot, and the colour is properly mixed, pour it carefully into the glass bowls with the wick standing up. Once you fill it up to the intended level, let it all cool down for three to five hours at room temperature. This gradual cooling will ensure that there are no cracks in the candle.

Customising The Candles


Glitter Fest: Add some glitter into the hot wax when it is in liquid form. Sprinkle glitter on the base and the sides of the bowl. You can brush on a light base of glue at the side and then sprinkle the glitter to stick it in place. Pour the wax in the bowl once the glue has all dried off. Ensure you use glue that is transparent. Once the wax in the bowl has been sitting to cool down for half an hour or so, sprinkle more glitter on top.


Under The Ocean: If you love the seas and the oceans, you can make this candle. Glue some small shells at the bottom and the lower part of the glass bowl. Using a glue layer, stick in some fine clean sand as well. You can add a drop or two of coconut oil to give that sea-side fragrance. Make a couple of batches of wax. First, make a darker shade of blue wax and pour it up to the ¼th level of the glass bowl. Let it completely dry for three to four hours before the next layer. Take a lighter (than the previous) shade of blue next and repeat the process. Next, you can do a light aquamarine shade for the next layer. Before you use the final layer, you can place very small shells on the third layer. Finish off with a small layer of wax with no colour. On top of the glass bowl, you can have your and your husband’s name and wedding date to remember the gift by. Write it on paper of the shape of a shell or even a fish to add to the theme.


Bright Like A Rainbow: You can make a seven coloured candle in a long glass tube or glass. Start with one end of the rainbow and graduate to the other. Pour the first layer of the violet or red coloured wax and let it completely dry before you pour the next layer. You can add glitter to the layers if you like, or just some of them. You could also add a different fragrance to each layer making it all the more interesting and fun.
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