Detox Your Body With An Ayurvedic Breakfast

by | March 14, 2022, 16:19 IST

Ayurvedic Breakfast main - golden milk


Ayurvedic Breakfast - expert panel - Radhika Iyer

Radhika Iyer details the Ayurvedic principles and recipes you need to give your day a healthy start 

Light, warm and nutritious meals are the foundation of an Ayurvedic breakfast. A warm meal is necessary to fuel the digestive fire, or
agni, which is crucial to the well-being of our entire digestive system. Dry and cooling foods, such as yoghurt and bread, don’t provide enough nutrients for your body. They can also leave you feeling heavy in the morning. According to Ayurveda, these foods (that cool your body) might weaken the digestive system and lead to lethargy, weight gain and a continued feeling of hunger.

Another aspect of eating that Ayurveda heavily emphasises is eating mindfully. Stay present when you eat, make time for meals, and eat with gratitude. This enhances the experience of eating and makes eating a mind and body practice. While Ayurveda is centred around the three types Vata, Pitta and Kapha there are some basic principles for a nutritional and detoxing breakfast.

Ayurvedic Principles For A Detoxifying Breakfast

  1. Drink a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up. It kick-starts your digestive system.
  2. Warm food is easier to digest, hence, better to have warm food especially during breakfast. After you wake up, your body should feel light.
  3. Use natural, fresh and seasonal produce. Don’t store items for too long and don’t cook food that is not fresh.
  4. Chew slowly and eat only as much as you can. If you feel better without eating an entire breakfast, have some warm golden milk or kanji instead.
  5. Eat fruits on an empty stomach and don’t mix acidic food with dairy.
  6. A warm, light breakfast like daliya (porridge) is ideal to detox your body.

Ayurvedic Breakfast main - daliya

Recipes For An Ayurvedic Breakfast
Here are recipes for daliya and golden milk to help you get started on an Ayurvedic breakfast…

(Ayurvedic Porridge)
Daliya is made of cracked/broken wheat. This wheat is coarse and rich in fibre. Add ghee or coconut oil to this and heat it. Pour double the amount of milk in the mixture and let it soak for a few minutes. Season the daliya with your choice of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger or cardamom. You can also add dry fruits or seeds to your daliya.
Eat it warm and mindfully.

Golden Milk

Golden milk is a long-standing beverage in India, extremely beneficial for you because it has anti-inflammatory properties that boost your immunity and health


Coconut oil
Coconut milk


Cook these ingredients in the same order and mix them all together. Drink the golden milk warm and mindfully.

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