Could You Be Sober Curious?

by | March 5, 2022, 9:12 IST

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Across the world, people who are not alcoholics are giving up drinking. Find out whether being sober curious would work for you 

Not drinking is hard, especially if you’re used to a glass of something alcoholic when you hang out with friends, or just to relax. We’re not talking about someone with an addiction to alcohol, rather just someone who gives up alcohol for a while – a long while – to see what a dry life feels like. 

To be ‘sober curious’ is to choose to be sober for benefits to health, both physical and mental. It means that you are not an alcoholic, but you choose not to drink nevertheless. It is a choice, not a forced strategy due to a self-acknowledged alcohol abuse problem.  

It is a choice to be made knowing that alcohol certainly has made a place for itself in our mental and social space. It eases the way in social situations such as parties or gatherings where you are anxious about meeting people. It relaxes you on difficult days when you get through the grind knowing there is a glass of wine (or rum, or gin…) with your name on it waiting in the evening. It might also be a signature of your hang with friends, everybody getting gently sozzled together. 


 sober curious - avoid hangover

If you’re honest, alcohol might also be the reason why you’ve had some social mishaps that have placed you in danger emotionally or even physically. Our girlfriends report having fights with friends that would never have happened if they had not been slightly drunk. Of course, alcohol also lowers all our inhibitions, which might lead to risky behaviour, sexual or otherwise, that you would never attempt in regular circumstances. And, sadly, alcohol also leaves us open to abuse of different types. 

Why Be Sober Curious?

Across the world, young people are giving up alcohol because they believe that the benefits of living sober are far greater than the downsides. When the pandemic first hit us, many of us might have drunk a lot; it was a time of great uncertainty and confusion. Then, as time went on in lockdown, we had days and nights to actually look at our lives, and decide to make some changes – including examining our relationship with things we were rather dependent on. 

What are the obvious benefits of being sober curious? 

  • For one, you remove a major source of distraction and are more able to focus on being in the moment and enjoying that moment.
  • There will be no bad behaviour that you regret after the event because you are in full control of yourself. 
  • Hangovers and ‘hangxiety’ will be things of the past.
  • And, of course, your doctor will love the fact that alcohol is no longer impacting your organs, in both the short and long term. 
  • The best thing? Being sober is tasty; you will suddenly be able to truly appreciate your food without the veil that alcohol often drapes over what you consume. 

It is not easy giving up drinking – yes, even if you are not an alcoholic. The great part about being sober curious is that you get a chance to taste the physical benefits and mental health benefits of that abstinence in the moment. Even if you cannot go cold turkey, perhaps you could consider drinking more responsibly. Your body and mind will thank  you for that. 

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