Celebrity-Inspired Bridal Blouse Designs To Pick

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Bridal Blouse Designs

Image: Instagram

Bridal blouse designs can be hard to pick owing to the fact that there are so many styles available. For women who want their wedding outfits to continue to be a reflection of their indo-western hybrid style sensibilities, there are bridal blouse designs that run the gamut from bikini-inspired new-age styles to corsets to traditional silhouettes that have been injected with modern elements.

“The most important factor while choosing a bridal blouse design is comfort and knowing what occasion allows for experimentation and when to play it safe,” says celebrity stylist Priyanka Castelino. Using her tips and celebrity images as inspiration, we have ghettoised bridal blouse designs into categories you can easily pick from. Take a look!

Types of Bridal Blouse Designs Infographic

Traditional Blouse Design
The Dramatic Bridal Blouse
The Risque Bridal Blouse
Bridal Corset Blouse

Traditional Blouse Design

Traditionally, Indian blouses or cholis are half-sleeved with a modest neckline in the front and a not-too-deep or almost high neck in the back. The same design can be rejiggered by experimenting with heritage embroidery techniques to make them look grander. Take Shloka Mehta’s blouse which features the most intricate beads embroidered on an organza blouse that she has worn with a Kanjeevaram sari.

Traditional Blouse Design
Image: Puneet Saini

Alia Bhatt, too, chose a traditional silhouette with a sweetheart neckline for her wedding outfit while Katrina Kaif chose one that was modernised with the addition of a plunging neckline. Both styles prove that the traditional blouse silhouette is trendless and suitable for women of all ages and body types.

Alia Bhatt: Traditional Blouse Design
Image: Alia Bhatt

Katrina Kaif: Traditional Blouse Design
Image: Katrina Kaif

Pro Tip: Traditional blouses look best with heritage saris like the Kanjeevaram and Banarasi brocade which are often a mainstay in most Indian wedding wardrobes. Blouses with plunging necklines can be worn with lehengas as the outfit bare more midriff which looks good with the neckline of the blouse.

The Dramatic Bridal Blouse

Blouses with drama happening in the front - with deep necklines - and little to no fabric in the back are all the rage right now, and rightfully so. Alia Bhatt, who wore not one but two such blouses, Manish Malhotra’s ‘Infinity Blouse’ and a rejigged version of Sabyasachi’s ‘Chand’ blouse, had virtually non-existent backs that were held together only by Doris.

Alia Bhatt Dramatic Bridal Blouse
Image: Puneet Saini

Sara Ali Khan’s blouse from Nooraniyat, Malhotra’s couture collection, became a vehicle for every fashion savant’s imagination when the designer swapped the back entirely with just a plain net.

Sara Ali Khan Dramatic Bridal Blouse
Image: Manish Malhotra World

Janhvi Kapoor’s silver blouse with copious surface decoration features an angrakha-inspired wrap that comes together at the back, most of which is just skin.

Janhvi Kapoor Dramatic Bridal Blouse
Image: Manish Malhotra World

Pro Tip: The dramatic blouses are best for cocktail and sangeet parties where the mood is glamorous and the bride is not required to look traditional.

The Risque Bridal Blouse

Inspired by the trend of wearing your underwear as outerwear, bralettes and bikini inspired blouses have become a mainstay in our ethnic wardrobe. Kriti Sanon’s snug-fitting micro blouse, almost bra-like, from designer Seema Gujral or Tara Sutaria in a bandeau beaded blouse from Manish Malhotra, is perfect for those unafraid to experiment.

Kriti Sanon Risque Bridal Blouse
Image: Kriti Sanon

Tara Sutaria Risque Bridal Blouse
Image: Tara Sutaria

Drawing from the plunge bras are new-age blouses that not only dip deep but also taper upward so that the resulting design is a blouse whose center is a barely there design capable of turning up the heat by unprecedented amounts. Both Priyanka Chopra’s and Kriti Sanon’s blouses from designers Falguni Shane Peacock and Ritika Mirchandani are great examples of these tiny blouses.

Priyanka Chopra Risque Bridal Blouse
Image: Priyanka Chopra

Kriti Sanon Risque Bridal Blouse
Image: Kriti Sanon

Pro Tip: These necklines are best for layering necklaces. A snug choker and a slightly longer collar necklace paired together add gravitas to the bridal glamour.

How To Modernise Your Traditional Blouse

Bridal Corset Blouse

Sayani Gupta Bridal Corset Blouse
Image: Sayani Gupta

The silhouette of an ordinary blouse can also be completely swapped with the use of bustiers and corsets that are lending a semblance of structure to traditional outfits. Bhumi Pednekar’s unconventional Tarun Tahiliani outfit features a draped skirt and a corset (with boning!) and makes for an interesting choice for those wanting to switch things up. Priyanka Chopra wearing a mirror-work bustier from Arpita Mehta and Sayani Gupta in a printed corset blouse and sari from designer Archana Jaju are perfect inspirations to ditch the ordinary blouse, for a rejigged version of the Victorian underwear.

Pro Tip: Bustier blouses look great with both saris and lehengas, however, with saris, add structure to the overall look. Wear them with chunky chokers.


Q. What type of blouse should I wear?

A. There are many types of blouses that are available today for brides to choose from. The most trending ones are bikini blouses, corset blouses, and blouses with plunging necklines. Designers like Manish Malhotra have even experimented with the structures of the blouse to add some chutzpah to them that can be adapted into wedding blouses. For inspiration, turn towards Alia Bhatt’s Mehendi blouse that featured his “infinity” design.

Which type of blouse is best for lehenga?
Image: Manish Malhotra

Q. Which type of blouse is best for lehenga?

A. “Reserve the bold blouses for pre-wedding events. A nice half-sleeve choli with embroidery details and feminine necklines are best for the pheras as they have that slant of traditionalism that most brides prefer for their main wedding event,” suggests Priyanka.

What is the best material for a sari blouse?
Image: Tarun Tahiliani

“Even if you wear traditional silhouettes, you can experiment with the necklines,” says adds. “Sweetheart necklines are versatile and suit most women. Luckily they are back in trend and are a great alternative to a plunging V-neck,” she adds.

Q. What is the best material for a sari blouse?

A. Most Indian brides choose to wear silk on their wedding day as it looks regal and traditional. Taffeta silk and raw silk are great options if you are customising a blouse and looking for base materials that will hold embroidery like pearl work, Zardosi and kaamdani. You can also turn toward Banarasi brocade silk for the material. Embroider the sleeve ends and necklines for more grandeur.
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