Care Guide & Verified Pet Boarding Services For COVID-Affected Families

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As India faced what was just the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, misinformation and hoardings across the city led to hundreds of pets being abandoned on the streets overnight. Today, as we face the deadly second wave of the pandemic, the situation has only gotten worse. With multiple people testing positive for the virus, pet parents until recently were clueless about where to board their pets while they quarantine. Luckily, there are pet boarding services now that have volunteered to take in pets of Covid-positive owners across the country. Read on for information on a few pet boarding services but also to understand the precautions while living with a pet.

Susceptibility And Precautions

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Contrary to misguided notions, companion animals are not all carriers of the virus. “Companion animals like cats and dogs can be infected with SARS-CoV-2, but we don’t yet know all of the animals that can get infected,” says Dr Rajesh Rohi, Hospital Registrar (Surgery), Mumbai Veterinary College. “Face mask and gloves should be worn at all times around them. If the animal has signs of illness - contact a veterinarian immediately, and notify the public health veterinarian or state animal health official. Stay at least six feet away from your pet, and always wear gloves when touching their toys or dishes,” advises Dr Rohi.
Pets Testing Positive
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Although pets and animals are not the sources of the current strain of coronavirus, you still need to take some precautions around them. “There have been reports of animals infected with the virus worldwide. Most of these animals became infected after contact with people with COVID-19,” adds Dr Rohi. In such a scenario, he suggests isolating the pet from others at home. “Do not bathe or wipe your pets with chemical disinfectants, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to alert your vet if your pet faces breathing issues. Although most pets only have mild symptoms or no symptoms, we are still learning about how they are affected by the virus,” he adds. “Avoid contact with the pet as much as possible, including, petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food or bedding,” Dr Rohi instructs.

Meanwhile, there are multiple boarding centres that are taking in pets from isolating families. Here is a list of a few…

PuppyOye Dog Boarding and Dog Park, Bengaluru
Handled by For Love Of All Pets (FLOAP), PuppyOye is one of the three boarding centres in Bengaluru taking in pets from Covid-affected families. “We provide pickup and drop facilities for the pets from their residence in our pet cab. The pets are first given a thorough bath and only then taken in,” says Vinoop Ramesh, manager of the boarding centre. It is a no-cage, no-leash and an open park system where dogs get an open space to roam about and mingle with others except for ferocious ones who are placed in tents. “We provide homemade food mostly chicken, rice, and chapatti for the pets.” Immediate medical assistance in case of emergency and pet food and items same-day delivery, free of cost.

Charges: Rs. 600 – 700, depending on breeds. Contact: 9986940047
Pet Lovers Hut, Delhi
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Pet Lovers Hut, owned and managed by Kuldeep Chauhan is a farm-based boarding centre with kennels and sharing rooms for both cats and dogs. “There’s a spot outside for the pets to bathe before they enter the boarding centre. No pet belongings are allowed with them,” Chauhan says. “Food is usually homemade - boiled boneless chicken with rice and roti in non-vegetarian and curd rice with soya chunks with seasonal veggies.” For medical emergencies, there are in-house vets available, and 5-6 caretakers on the round for 24 hours.
Charges: Rs 800 per day; pick up available. Contact: 9810007381
Pawtopia Kennels & Training, Hyderabad
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Based in Madhapur, Pawtopia provides 24-hour boarding facilities for pets. “We offer no-contact dropping-off system at the gate, sterilisation of collars and leashes with disinfectants before boarding and at the end of the stay, and bathing pets before admission,” says Akhila Madireddy Kanvadai, who is the owner and also a canine behaviourist. Meals are a combination of home-cooked and kibbles. “Mornings and afternoons are dry food with vegetable gravy, dinner is usually khichdi with vegetables.”

According to the breed, small – Rs 450, medium – Rs 550, large – 650 per day. Air coolers available on request. Contact: 7981334614
Pets Kingdom, Chandigarh
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This boarding and care centre is equipped with a huge farm, swimming pool and a dog park for a capacity of over 20 dogs. “We take in only as many dogs as we can so that they are well looked after. We have an in-house veterinary (consulting and surgery) and care facility. Meals are freshly prepared every day as per their diet plans, we have caretakers available 24/7 for their assistance,” shares Jashan Singh, the owner. In fact, they also accommodate pets for those who cannot afford the charges.

Charges: Rs 600-800 per day; Contact: 7982097430
Benzi Cattery, Hyderabad
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Unlike other boarding facilities, this centre, housed in a duplex apartment, accommodates only cats that are vaccinated and neutered (with exceptions). “We have a cage-free, demarcated space for each cat. They are allowed to mingle with each other under supervision,” says owner Ashwini. Meals are usually dry and wet food as given by the owners. For medical emergencies, they either consult with a nearby vet or the ones the cats are usually taken to.

Rs. 500 per night including food and litter. Contact: 063838 41780

Few pet boarding centres across India courtesy Pets Familia, an online pet parent community.

The Bark Club: 9930301200
Doggie Dog World: 9167242218
Petsville: 9920596669

New Delhi
Tara & Aditya: 8968211893
Asha Arun’s Pet Home Boarding: 9962600906
Jeffury’s: 9811591088


ATS Kennel: Orange Wolf Kennel: 7278865163
Furry Tales Dog Creche: 9830435558

Ishita Shukla: 8208067688
Dipika Umak: 8624934584


Hostel For Dogs: 9790724444
Petencia Pet Care: 9150555222

Tales of the City: 7030012021
Happy Tails: 9822321167

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