Benefits Of Doing A Pedicure At Home

by | April 21, 2020, 21:25 IST

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From facials and massages to hair spas and even manicures, we leave no stone unturned and are fairly invested when it comes to taking care of ourselves. So, why should our feet also not be given the same treatment? After all, our feet bear the maximum burden all day long and it’s good to give them some TLC at regular intervals.

Regular pedicures not only help in keeping the feet looking pretty but it also ensures that the toenails are trimmed, which prevents dirt and muck from getting into them and as a result hampering the health of our feet. Pedicures also help to control painful calluses and corns that develop on the feet mostly due to wearing incorrect footwear or open footwear with hard soles.

It is also essential to keep our feet moisturised on a regular basis but one may tend to avoid, skip or forget to extend the body lotion all the way down to our feet. TIt always helps to wash feet at night and apply some glycerine or vaseline and wear cotton socks before sleeping.

In addition, a foot massage also relieves tension and helps with blood circulation. You can visit your nearest salon or spa to pamper your feet or if you’re too lazy to step out and deal with the traffic, then you can also opt for a pedicure at home. The steps are fairly simple but one must be careful in following them else it can be messy and may turn out to be a nightmare.

  • Use a toenail clipper to cut the nails straight across and then shape them with a cushion file.
  • If your nails are already short, then just file them with a nail filer.
  • Next, soak feet in warm water in a large tub or an inflatable Pedi bath. You can add some bubble bath and salt to this.
  • Smooth away dry skin and calluses with a sloughing lotion, foot file or pumice stone. You can also use a foot scrub (even a regular body or face scrub will do).
  • Dab on some foot masque or a thick cream for that extra pampering.
  • Now, rinse and dry feet and massage with an oil to lock in the moisture.
  • Before polishing nails, remove all traces of oil or lotion with a cotton swab soaked in polish remover.
  • To give your pedicure the perfect finish, use a professional-quality base coat, followed by two coats of nail lacquer and a protective topcoat.
  • Allow it to dry completely and your feet are ready to take on the world!

Benefits Of A Pedicure At Home

Benefits Of A Pedicure At Home
Prevent Infections
Save Money
Prevents Corns And Calluses
Nail Health
Lymphatic Flow
DIY Tips On How To Do A Pedicure At Home
Pedicure At home: FAQs

Benefits Of A Pedicure At Home

It goes without saying that clean and healthy feet are the mark of a well-groomed person. Pedicures are rumoured to have originated in ancient Egypt, evolving from manicures. Flaunting groomed toes gives one confidence, especially when wearing a chic pair of peep-toe shoes or sandals. But our hectic schedules leave us with little or no time to indulge in. Though nothing beats the care a professional can give to your feet, here are some benefits of doing a pedicure in the comfort of your home.

Pedicure At Home

Prevent Infections

If one is not careful with the kind of salon one goes to, there are high chances of picking up infections from tools such as clippers and nail files. Also, if you don’t moisturise your feet regularly, dry and chapped skin on your feet is more prone to infections. Also, the clipping, cleaning, and cutting of toenails prevent nails from growing inward and causing an infection.

Pedicure Prevent Infections

Save Money

For people who want to keep an eye on their finances, a pedicure at home is one of the best options. While a pedicure at a salon is a luxurious and indulgent experience, for those monitoring their monthly budgets, this is an extremely cost-effective option while also ensuring you are relaxed in the comfort of your home.

Pedicure At Home Save Money

Prevents Corns And Calluses

When you scrub and exfoliate the dry dead skin on a regular basis, you ensure to get rid of the dry skin that can cause painful corns and calluses that may make walking around extremely difficult.

Pedicure Prevents Corns And Calluses

Nail Health

Buffing your nails ensures good blood circulation to the area around the feet and toes. Blood carries nutrients which are vital for nail health and growth. It also provides relaxation after a good massage.

Pedicure Improves Nail Health

Lymphatic Flow

The human body has lymph nodes all over, which help process and get rid of the toxins from your lymphatic fluid into the blood which then gets taken back through the veins to the heart to get cleaned. Lymph nodes are also known as glands which in our legs are situated behind our knees.

Pedicure Improves Lymphatic Flow

DIY Tips On How To Do A Pedicure At Home

DIY Tips On How To Do A Pedicure At Home

  • Start with cleaning your nails with a wet bud. After you are done, file your nails in the required length and shape.
  • Massage a little cream or honey on your legs and dip them into a tub of soapy water. Make sure you have rose petals or lemon slices in them.
  • Once you are done soaking your legs for a good 10 minutes, scrub your nails with a brush and wash them later. You can also scrub with a mixture of rock salt and sugar.
  • For cracked heels, use a lemon that will soften your heel.
  • Rub your feet with a towel and apply your favourite nail polish. Though preferably, keep nail lacquers at bay. Let your nails breathe from time to time. This can help fade discolouration with just the white one.

Pedicure At home: FAQs

Q. What are the precautions one must take while doing a pedicure at home?

A. Start by removing any old nail polish. After clipping nails to the desired length, file them in one direction using even strokes. Ensure that the matrix (skin around nails) is not cut, during a pedicure. The corners of your toenails need to be slightly round, so they do not embed into the skin. If the shape of the nail is already curled, the in-growth in the nail should not be cut too short but just a little above the skin. Then smooth the surfaces with a buffer.

What Are The Precautions One Must Take While Doing A Pedicure At Home

Q. How can one prevent infections even while doing a pedicure at home?

A. Apply a cream to moisturise your nails, especially after removing nail polish as most removers contain chemicals that dry your nails. Never cut or forcefully push back your cuticles. If you must push them back, only do so gently after a shower or bath. Shave your lower legs after getting a pedicure, not before. If you nick yourself while shaving, a pedicure could put you at risk of infection. Check that the pedicure footbaths and filters are thoroughly disinfected before you use them. If they are improperly cleaned, they can harbour bacteria and fungus.

How Can One Prevent Infections Even While Doing A Pedicure At Home
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