Beauty Content Creator Aashi Adani Shares 5 Summer Beauty Tips

by | May 9, 2022, 14:08 IST


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“I have enough summer beauty tips,” said no one ever. And why would one? The scathing climate is famous to agonise your skin (with or without makeup) to the core, leaving you desperate to try every hack and tip under the roof to see what does and doesn’t work for your skin. While many of us walk into our offices (or upto our WFH table) with barely any makeup and just some moisturiser and sunscreen, there’s another world of ‘creators’ that demand newness on a daily basis. As a result, beauty content creators expose their skin to so much, even in the most scorching humidity. However, with such experiences comes a better understanding of things leading to a whole lot of tips that could come in handy for one and all. We have some tips and tricks from Aashi Adani, a beauty content creator and you may want to note ‘em down.



Cleanse – For Longer

“With summers and sweating, you’re more likely to clog your pores. Keep them clean by massaging your face wash for at least 30 seconds – twice a day. You can even opt for chemical or physical scrubs once a week.”



Let Foundations Take A Backseat

“The last thing you want to worry about is your make-up cracking and creasing due to sweat. So, say goodbye to your heavy foundations and concealers and opt for CC creams instead. They provide an even skin tone and you can set it easily with a tinted powder to keep your skin looking fresh all day.”



Hydrate – Inside Out

“You know you’re supposed to stay hydrated all year round, but you should pay more attention to it around summer. Sipping on water throughout the day will keep you hydrated from the inside. For your skin, opt for gel-based moisturisers because they’re hydrating as well as non-greasy.”



Blotting Papers – Get Them

“Blotting papers quickly absorb sweat without ruining your make-up. You can just press it down on all the areas where you get oily and have your make-up look fresh again. You can even use thin tissues for the same.”



SPF Is A Must

“You’re going to need to use sunscreen all over your body and face 15 minutes before leaving the house. However, you need to reapply it every 3 hours. You can opt for powder sunscreens which are quick to go over make-up and keep you matte. Or you can opt for stick sunscreens to reapply if you have dry skin.”


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