#NextBigThing2022: Beauty Brand asa Is Here To Make A Difference

by | January 13, 2022, 14:28 IST

asa beauty

The brainchild of Asha and Sukriti Jindal Khaitan, a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo, asa beauty offers luxury cosmetics that are clean and over 92 per cent natural. The brand turned one this month and plans to bring about a positive change in the Indian beauty industry that’s still struggling with issues of packaging waste, unethical sourcing of ingredients, and low product quality. asa beauty offers premium products and its sustainable ethos runs through its DNA. Its aim is to build a community that’s ready to lead the dialogue about safer beauty practices in India. With multi-purpose products and no-waste packaging, the brand also offers a ‘Refillable Programme’ in order to minimise waste and carbon footprints. We speak to the co-founders on their plans for 2022.

What are your learnings from 2021 to take on 2022?
We launched in the midst of the pandemic and that itself changed our approach. As a brand, it was essential to adapt to the digital-only medium, taking our products online to make them available to the community. Mapping consumer behaviour, understanding ever-changing perceptions and catering to them became the centre of our strategy. When you’re building a community, you have to listen to your people. We’re trying to create a shift in consumer behaviour with sustainable luxury. Educating our consumers is a key learning for us. In terms of the market, the growth and learning lies in understanding dynamic and clean beauty as a whole. To match global standards, we are constantly on the wheel of product learning. Across the world, individuals believe that an Indian brand is unable to fully meet global standards of clean, luxury beauty – this is a perception we want to break.

What should we be looking forward to from you?
We want to take the brand to a global audience through various marketing strategies. We are looking to expand our portfolio as well; go out as a thought leader from India offering the solution of clean, luxury beauty.

asa beauty

What are your goals for 2022?
When we first introduced asa, our end goals were to build a place in the hearts and minds of our consumers. Now, we are a collective of like-minded individuals that is consciously working towards the common goal of sustainability and an expansive product range. We have achieved this and are now growing into more.

What is that one new thing that you wish to incorporate into your life in the new year?
Community building is a key objective – bringing brands and individuals together in the form of collaborations and exposure at events across the country. Also, building a global presence – finding sources to reach and awaken consumers and further amplify the ‘Clean Awakening’ message.

What does success mean to you?
For us, the ultimate goal is to make clean beauty a norm for the industry. We strive to inspire people to commit to sustainability. Our philosophy is about making beauty more than just a gratifying experience. It is about following the ideals of sustainability in all our processes and paying close attention to our social impact. When we enable awakening through asa’s clean beauty, empower the global Indian woman, and give back to our planet, we will be successful.

Share one positive thought that keeps you going.
Compassion is the foremost positive thought. Compassion for our planet, the animals and even ourselves is important. We express compassion towards our planet by creating sustainable beauty solutions, towards animals by eliminating ingredients that are not cruelty-free, and towards ourselves by creating luxury products that add a look good-feel good factor.

One change you want to see in your industry in 2022...
Currently, the beauty industry creates an unacceptable amount of waste, which is all non-biodegradable. We really hope to see this changing. At asa, we encourage everyone to pledge to move to a more purposeful life. We promote minimal waste with our green packaging made out of endlessly recyclable materials and our Refillable Programme.

What is the biggest trend or movement you predict in your industry for 2022?
We really think multipurpose beauty products will be a massive trend for 2022. People are gravitating towards on-the-go products with multi-functional aspects. People in 2022 are looking to minimise the number of products they have to carry around.

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