Air-Purifying Plants To Make Your Home More Breathable

by | April 29, 2022, 11:18 IST


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Air pollution is no longer an impending threat in India, but a grave reality. Metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai are the epicenters. Unlike other socio-economic issues hurting our country, global warming cannot be brushed under the carpet. It stares us in the face every waking moment and quite literally so. Until a good enough fix is found, we need to do what it takes to protect ourselves. One way is to keep as many air-purifying plants as possible at home. Here are a few recommendations:

Peace Lily
Peace lily
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A low maintenance plant that thrives in moist soil and bright, indirect sunlight, peace lily offers many benefits. It absorbs acetone vapours, prevents mildew formation and removes mold spores from surfaces. Besides, it produces white flowers that make living spaces look oh-so-lovely!

Jade Plant
Jade plant
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A symbol of good luck and positivity, jade plant is an amazing gifting choice. You must also add it to your own home decor for its many medicinal and environmental benefits. It can help you alleviate stress and sleep well. It increases indoor humidity and combats materials that induce allergies, like dust and pollen. Most importantly, it gives out oxygen even at night, which makes it a good bedside plant.

Areca Palm
Areca palm
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Areca is another plant that absorbs harmful pollutants from the air and makes your surroundings more livable. It also improves humidity which keeps problems of itchy eyes, skin dryness and soreness of throat at bay.

Money Plant
Money plant
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Money plants are symbolic for wealth and prosperity, which makes them a go-to choice for a house plant. But besides that, they carry a lot of benefits. They purify the air by absorbing harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide. When grown in an aquarium, it also protects the fishes from nitrates.

Snake Plant
Snake plant
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Snake plants are a must-have for their many benefits. They purify the air, prevent allergies and keep cancer-causing agents like toluene, xylene, benzene and formaldehyde away.

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