Add To The Joy Of Celebrating Onam With Fabindia’s Rimjhim Collection

by | August 19, 2021, 19:08 IST

Onam, the harvest festival of southern India, is usually celebrated in August. On this occasion, like most festivals in the country, people dress up in exquisite, traditional apparel and even deck up their homes. There is an air of excitement, as enticing delicacies are being prepared in the kitchen, homes are embellished with pookalam and yellow flowers.


The fervour of the occasion is over a Vaishnava mythological story revolving around King Mahabali, who had defeated the Gods and had taken over all three worlds. Mahabali was unlike other asuras as he was kind and was widely loved by his people. It is said, that out of insecurity, the Gods probed Lord Vishnu to take his kingdom back from him. Appearing as a Brahmin dwarf in front of Mahabali, Lord Vishnu asked for ‘three pieces of land', when he was offered a wish. Upon regaining control over the three worlds, the latter began to increase the land in size. As he was about to touch heaven, Mahabali offered his head to God. Impressed by his benevolence, Vishnu granted Mahabali’s wish of visiting his kingdom during the period that is now celebrated as Onam.


Celebrating the return of the much-loved king, this festival is celebrated over the span of 10 days. With each day’s significance retained as time passes, the pookalam, or indoor rangoli, increases in size every day, along with the magnitude of the festival.


Encapsulating the grandeur and festive spirit of the festival, Fabindia’s Rimjhim collection is synonymous with showers of hope, happiness and respite. On offer are skillfully crafted white and gold cot/silk work kurtas as well as jacquard woven sarees. It also carries dresses, saris, dupattas and stoles, which are great presents to gift your loved ones. Along with this, Rimjhim offers jewellery pieces in pearl and gold-plated silver, elegantly designed just for you and your loved ones. Carrying a variety of styles, Fabindia's Rimjhim assures to bring a smile to the faces of every person, be it the young or the elderly.


You can also deck your homes as beautifully as you with Fabindia's Pre Festive Home collection. Within the collection lies the Alba capsule- ideal for the occasion. Shop traditional rich bedspreads, table linens, runners table covers in appliques, floral accents, intricate embroideries, prints, and a befitting theme of white and gold. Find glimpses and traces of flowers like Champa, Lotus and Banana leaves embedded within the pieces.


And even if your Onam gifts are sorted for the year, the festive season is just starting. After all, we still have Navratri, Ganesh Chaturti, Diwali and Dussehra, to name a few, coming up. As the anticipation of reminiscing, laughing, eating and being with loved one’s returns, elevate your spirits in celebration, with Fabindia’s pre-festive collections!

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