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Raj Shamani

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Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani's Story

This young hustler means 'business' when it comes to motivating people

Finance can come across as an intimidating field, especially for people who are novices, but, if you break it down and try to get to the bottom of it, it can actually be simple. That is what Raj Shamani's aim has been - to make 'finance' a non-scary term for millennials and Gen Z.

At the age of 16, he started off his journey as a speaker, but he soon realised that he had the power to positively influence people, which led him to mould himself as a digital speaker so that he could reach more people. He has simplified the world of finance for millions, thus helping people to navigate through something that is imperative for them to understand. Since he has experience as an entrepreneur too, he started mentoring start-ups and people who had the mindset to be achievers. As a content creator, he has always kept it real as he wanted to show the real side of the struggles of being an entrepreneur, as it's not just about the success but also about the sacrifices that need to be made to build an empire.

Till date, Raj has spoken across 20 countries on everything that matters, that is branding, entrepreneurship and even mental health. He has been one of the youngest Indians to represent India, and his contribution to building the dreams and hopes of so many budding young entrepreneurs has been immeasurable.

About mamaearth

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