Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal

He will donate 75% of his wealth for the good of society

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal's Story

Vedanta Chairman Anil Agarwal has been listed among the top 10 philanthropists of India.

Corporate philanthropist Anil Agarwal's eponymous Anil Agarwal Foundation (AAF) - an umbrella entity for Vedanta's Giving Back initiatives - has rolled out a Rs 5,000 crore social impact programme with a focus on nutrition, women and child development, healthcare, animal welfare and grass root level sports. The foundation has also launched the 'Swasth Gaon Abhiyaan' to provide end-to-end healthcare services to 1,000 villages across 12 states.

Under the aegis of AAF, Agarwal has created Nand Ghar - a network of model anganwadis focused on eradicating child malnutrition, providing education and healthcare, and empowering women. The project aims to impact the lives of seven crore children and two crore women at the grassroots level.

Agarwal has joined The Giving Pledge, a movement of global philanthropists who commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy and charitable causes. He has already pledged to give 75% of his wealth for social good.

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