5 Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Beauty Routine

by | July 16, 2022, 9:37 IST


We’ve all heard of – and even given a shot to – DIY beauty. From homemade face and hair masks to scrubs, DIY recipes and hacks have come in handy many times. Whether DIY is highly efficacious or not, of the best standards or not is a debate for another day. But, there’s no denying that they’ve come to the rescue more often than we can recollect. Plus, who can forget the several memories attached to any DIY remedy out there? So yeah, no matter what trends come and go, something DIY will always be a part of your beauty routine. And, with Instagram setting the mood for what’s trending, DIY beauty is only becoming big.


Now, we all know about coffee-sugar scrubs, turmeric masks and more. One such ingredient that can be put to good use is apple cider vinegar. Does this ring a bell? Of course, you’ve seen an array of shampoo and face wash bottles sport the ingredient. It’s not tough to guess that apple extract (juice) is fermented and processed to prepare apple cider vinegar. The not-so-sweet pungent liquid makes for a great skin and hair hero. Here’s five ways of incorporating it in your beauty routine (plus why you should be doing so.)



As A Toner:
Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an astringent by nature and hence, it makes for a great toner. Simply dilute potent ACV with water in 1:1 ratio and transfer the mix into a spray bottle. You can spitz some on your skin directly or grab a cotton pad for closer application.


As A Scalp Clarifier:
ACV is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Further, it also has exfoliative effects. Combining these features makes ACV a perfect remedy for dirty scalps that also become breeding points for dandruff and sebum. Either rinse your scalp with the aforementioned mix or simply mix it in your shampoo to mask the peculiar smell.


As An Ingrown Hair Solution: With malic acid in it, ACV makes for a great exfoliant. Just like glycolic acid, you can rub some ACV on your arms and legs; it sloughs away dead skin, preventing ingrown hair and bumps too, if you shave.



As A Spot Treatment:
Much to your surprise, ACV can also work as a brilliant anti-acne agent. All you need to do is apply some with a Q-tip on the zit and let it do its magic overnight.


As A Hair Softener: Besides clarifying your scalp, ACV also has the potential to soften and smoothen your locks considerably. It covers the cuticles nicely and eases the mad texture in curly hair as well.

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