5 Tips For New Dads On Bonding With Their Child

by | June 21, 2022, 17:29 IST


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It’s natural for fathers to not experience the love-at-first-sight feelings with their new baby the way mothers do. And that’s okay because fathers don’t share the same experience of pregnancy as mothers! So, if you’re a new dad who is feeling overwhelmed at the arrival of your baby, or a new mom who is not quite sure of what’s up with your partner acting weird around the baby or you, just relax. Take help from the tips here for new dads to bond with the little bundle of joy.

  1. Have Skin To Skin Contact

Cement the bond right from the start with an intimate connection. Get settled comfortably in a chair with your shirt off and hold the baby with its clothes off close to your chest. Cover with a cozy blanket if needed. Skin to skin contact allows for temperature regulation, reduces stress, releases oxytocin (the love hormone), and offers comfort and security. What’s more, it also helps stabilise blood sugar!

You can also cradle your baby in your arms during its bath time. Or, if you have a bathtub, get into room temperature water and hold the baby on your chest to relax and bond with it. Your baby is sure to feel secure and comforted this way. Pay attention to safety; do not get in and out of the tub holding the baby, have another adult help you.

  1. Sing To The Baby

You can start bonding with your child while it is still in utero. Once the baby is delivered, singing the same songs can help calm and soothe your little one. Research shows that babies can recognise their father's voice from 32 weeks gestation, and also right after birth. That being said, facial recognition takes a bit longer.

If you’re not a good singer, no problem. Read to the baby instead! Sure, babies don’t understand the words, but they are drawn to human voices. You can be assured that holding your baby and reading your favourite novel or just the newspaper aloud to it will make it feel safe. As the baby gets older, switch to picture books and other age-appropriate books.


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  1. Babywearing While Doing Chores

Sitting at your home office desk or vacuuming can be good opportunities to bond with your child too! There are several types of carriers available that you can use to safely carry your baby around while you’re running errands. Make the most of the time you have to bond with your child. Always make sure you’re using the carrier the right way and in a safe and responsible manner. The carrier should also fit comfortably for you and your baby.

  1. Stroll Around

Once your baby is old enough to be taken outside, swap gym time for a walk in the neighbourhood with your baby in the stroller. As your child gets older, think of getting a child seat on your bicycle or adding a trailer, or using a jogging stroller. Always be mindful of manufacturer instructions and age/weight guidelines to prevent injury to your child. Ask an expert if you’re unsure.


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  1. Establish Rituals And Traditions

Say you return home from work, leave thoughts about office at the doorstep, clear your mind, and get ready to spend time with your child. Have a ritual to greet your baby, hold it in your arms, and reconnect. You can also start a tradition for weekends like going grocery shopping or continue an old activity that you and your dad used to do.

Apart from this, check if your workplace offers paternity leave. If yes, use it to help your partner through the early days and also get to bond with your little angel. Remember to be patient through the process!

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