5 simple self-defence moves anyone can do (even you!)

by | March 8, 2018, 2:29 IST

It’s 2018. We’re speaking up, we’re fighting back and we’re taking back the streets. And in the spirit of standing up for ourselves, here are five simple moves from hand-to-hand Israeli combat system Krav Maga to help you feel safe and stay safer. So, stay calm, think on your feet. You got this.

Open hand strike
imple self-defence moves
Use the heel of your palm to hit the areas around your supposed assailant’s head, namely, the nose, eyes, neck and even face. The idea is to hit from your elbow, thereby not giving your attacker any warning. 
Kick him in the groin
imple self-defence moves
“Boys feel pain down there.” So do female assailants, for that matter. Hit them where it hurts, ladies, by kicking up with your knee or foot, depending on how far away you are.
Break a hold 
When someone grabs you from behind, in a sort of bear hug, are you trapped? Nope. You’re going to mimic doing a squat, dropping your body and weight down. You’ll then hit out with your open hand, or drop to the floor and kick before running away. 

Use your elbow
It’s the strongest point of your body. Whether you drive it backwards into someone’s belly after dropping a squat, or jamming it forward into someone’s neck, your elbow is your 24/7 weapon.

Ground attack

imple self-defence moves
But what if I fall, you ask? Well, then, you kick out and up. Judge your distance. If your assailant is directly above you, kick with both feet at one time, using your hips for more power. Prepare to run quickly after.

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