5 Indian Beauty Creators That Serve Inspiration for Every Mood

by | July 29, 2022, 17:15 IST


You’re already late-night scrolling through Instagram (with Netflix running in the background), so why not enhance your make-up skills and expand your skincare knowledge by following the feeds of the top content creators in the beauty space? From a Cannes debutant to a Millenial TikTok sensation, we’ve rounded up 5 amazing beauty influencers who are educating followers on the latest buzzy ingredients, viral trends, and hacks to hoist your routine.

Malvika Aryan Sitlani
Image: Instagram

Malvika Sitlani (also the owner of Masic Beauty) is anything but vanilla, although we love her ‘no make-up, make-up’ routines, she doesn’t shy away from producing some big and bold videos every now and then. Malvika is one of the topmost beauty influencers in the country today, so how can we talk about anything related to beauty and not mention this model-turned-influencer? If you are looking for a super-glam look for a birthday or a wedding make-up inspiration, Malvika is your girl. We love her attention-to-detail when creating content – you’ll find makeup and hairstyle tutorials, travel vlogs, lifestyle videos, daily vlogging, motivational and self-love videos on her channel.

Aanam C
Image: Instagram

A happy enytrepreneur of an ambitious project, Wearified. Given her love for lipsticks, it was a no-brainer that transfer-proof, one-swipe removal lipsticks would be Wearified’s maiden project. Aanam Chasmawala believes, and consistently advocates her philosophy that ‘Beauty needs to be selfish’ through her blog, What When Wear. Aanam is a blogger and content creator who’s best known for her style. We, especially, love that she shares swatches of all the products she receives. She also takes you behind-the-scenes at events and shares super cute selfies with her husband! We can promise you a smile on your face every time she posts and make-up tutorials to take you through daily and special events.

Shreya Jain
Image: Instagram

Shreya is a true make-up addict with growing number of followers – and it’s easy to see why. She shares detailed product reviews and tutorials within her feed and while she’s a fan of luxury brands, she also shares budget-friendly drugstore makeup looks. From big and bold to natural and dewy, you can count on Shreya for simple step-by-step videos.

Komal Pandey
Image: Instagram

We know Komal Pandey for her bling and dazzles, but there is much more than what meets the eye. She has redefined how one could dress impeccably even without shelling out money on high-end brands and the appreciation on each of her post has been testimony to the same.  She is a style icon who knows exactly what you need in your beauty and fashion wardrobe. Whether it is eating the right kind of food for good skin or the perfect red lipstick, following her can help you identify true classics. She’s amassed 1.6M followers (and growing) on Instagram for a reason.

Diipa Buller Khosla
Image: Instagram

What happens when your hobby turns into your job? If you’re not familiar with Diipa Khosla, you’ve surely not logged into Instagram over the last three years. The Global Influencer (the first in India to make it big internationally) is famed for her enviable closet, relatable beauty advice, and highly double-tapped looks.

Her beauty philosophy is in line with what her brand stands for – the no make-up, make-up look that looks glowy, fresh and as natural as possible. Inde wild, a conscious beauty ecosystem, pioneering ayurvedistry by Diipa is all-the buzz right now. Social media has changed the face of beauty and there’s no denying that!

So, who all are you going to follow?

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