4 Smart Kitchen Appliances For Working Women

by | April 22, 2021, 18:53 IST

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Balancing domestic and professional life is not a cakewalk for any woman. She is constantly expected to meet both the ends like a pro. From managing morning routines to reaching office on time, she is constantly striving to give her best in two worlds. Adopting smart ways make it easier for every working woman to accomplish it all efficiently. This is especially true for those with kids!

Here, we have four smart kitchen appliances that will provide lip-smacking meals in a jiffy!
Sandwich Maker/ Toaster
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Get one of these for an on-the-go snack or even for a healthy lunch for your kids. In a sandwich maker, you just have to place two bread slices with veggies and dressing or condiments of your choice, close the lid, and within five minutes, you are good to go with a home-made grilled sandwich!

You can keep your weight under control with an oil-free breakfast or snacks by using a toaster. Two slices of bread can be toasted at a time, which will consume less electricity as well as time.
Electric Kettle
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This kitchen appliance can be your go-to for hot beverages when you are in hurry to leave for your office. It will boil water or your morning cup of tea/coffee within few seconds, freeing up your time for other chores. An electric kettle is more energy-efficient than a microwave or electric stovetop; its automated nature makes it a safe and smart appliance for your kitchen.
Slow Cooker/ Rice Cooker
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A slow cooker is a big time saviour for all the working women out there. With this kitchen appliance, you will come home to a delicious meal each day. Prepare your ingredients and add them to the slow cooker, and set the timer as per your recipe requirements and voila! It can slow cook meals from an hour to more than 10 hours.

An electric rice cooker is also a good option to have when the busy days in your life can’t be paused. All you have to do is add adequate water and rice to the rice cooker and let the appliance do its job to perfection while you focus on other jobs around the house. A rice cooker doesn’t just cook rice perfectly, but also keeps your rice steamed and hot, as it comes with a steaming basket. Besides cooking rice, it can be used for cooking soups, beans and stews.
Cold Press Juicer
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Use your time and energy in an efficient manner by using a cold press juicer to serve yourself and your family with fresh juice. Owing to its low-speed squeezing technique, cold press juicers retain the natural flavour of the fruit and its essential nutrients. Buy one for a blockage free operation and deliciously refreshing juice whilst you are busy with other errands.

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