3 Skincare Books That Will Transform You Into A Skin Expert

by | April 8, 2022, 14:10 IST

skincare books

We have a tendency to disregard our skin until it causes us problems. But that leads to a full-fledged war. Skin care and persistent problem areas frustrate and irritate us. Finding the ideal beauty regimen may be as difficult as online dating. Instead of considering your skin as an adversary (or, at best, an untrustworthy friend), these books will teach you how to better care for it and feel good in it. They will also assist you in simplifying your everyday routine in order to save time and money.


Get healthy, radiant skin by reading these three eye-opening books.


  1. ‘Glow: Indian Foods, Recipes, and Rituals for Beauty, Inside and Out’ By Vasudha Rai

skincare books


Glow's finest feature is that it is written from personal experience. Vasudha has battled grade IV endometriosis for almost a decade, and many of the products and recipes in the book have helped her with this. Because of the emphasis on external beauty, the necessity of interior purity was overlooked. Vasudha Rai's Glow attempts to reinvent beauty from the inside out. Her focus is on the notion that we are what we eat, and she even goes on to explain how and why this is true. This book, which delves into ancient Ayurveda, is a must-read if you want to improve your perception of beauty.


  1. ‘Skin Rules: Your 6-week Plan To Radiant Skin’ By Dr. Jaishree Sharad
skincare books


For millions of Indians, skincare worries, and inquiries frequently come down to looking for home-based treatments.  'Skin Talks: Secrets to Glowing Skin For Men And Women' by Dr. Jaishree Sharad is here to evaluate and solve the various concerns facing our skins in a pleasant, and precise manner. She dispels numerous cosmetics misconceptions and assists you in determining if and which skin care products and practises are ideal for you. The book contains essential information that helps the reader comprehend crucial facts, such as how to adjust one's skin care practises as one gets older and how different seasons necessitate different treatments.


  1. ‘Skin Sense: Dr. Kiran’s Guide to Being Beautiful’ by Dr. Kiran Sethi
skincare books
Urban living has several obstacles, ranging from pollution and weather to a fast-paced lifestyle and the stress that comes with it. And the greatest impact is seen on our body's largest organ - our skin. Dr. Kiran Sethi, MD, Skin Expert & Author, Skin Sense, shares cutting-edge guidance on how to care for our skin and battle signs of ageing in Skin Sense, as well as techniques for the ultimate skincare regimen. Dr. Sethi debunks popular substances, including as serums and retinols, as well as goods, instruments, and procedures available on the market. She also provides nutrition-based recommendations and thorough meal plans to help you shine from the inside out.

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